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  • Since the 1960's the Case Manager has been a key organizer of services in traditional rehabilitative settings.  Case Managers today are routinely and almost universally involved in organizing and coordinating rehabilitation services and resources to facilitate an injured person's recovery.
  • A skilled Case Manager attends to concerns from all parties involved, prioritizes issues, develops a plan and ultimately directs and oversees the implementation of that plan. The Case Manager works closely with the rehabilitation team, medical consultants, insurance representatives, trust representatives if appropriate, and injured persons and their families.
  • In both the public and private sectors, the Case Manager is a skilled advocate for those services recommended in a Treatment or Life Care Plan.
  • In both the public and private sectors the Case Manager is a skilled advocate for those services recommended in a treatment or life care plan.
  • Insurance companies clearly recognize the need for Case Management. Utilizing the services of professional Case Management Services affords the client and family a primary contact person in their locale who has the ability to access and monitor recommended services.
  • Attorneys have a duty to provide comprehensive legal services but while their focus is on the litigation process, they do not have the time to oversee the medical and rehabilitative aspects of a personal injury case. Therefore it becomes their obligation to provide a case managed approach to the myriad of needs presented in a catastrophic injury claim. The Case Manager while bringing forth the clinical perspective, provides strategic assistance to the attorney throughout the litigation process.
  • The personal injury attorney who provides experienced Case Management is in fact assuring the best interest of their client's long term needs will be met through access to quality treatment and medical care.
  • Families and persons who have sustained injuries benefit from the expertise of a Case Manager who assumes a guiding role as a liaison, educator, negotiator and advocate in the care of all concerned.